life, career and age…

as i near the inevitable 50 years old, half century, 5 decades…i think about goals, or were they dreams, or are they still goals and dreams….either way, they are things I often think about…how many are still obtainable, how many have been achieved…another factor has entered, not dictated by health as of yet thankfully, but age…the music business I knew when I began and the one that exists now is quite different….by music biz I mean selling music and performing music as well as teaching….i also factor in life goals, which obviously include music, but there are children, wife, family, friends, bands, musicians….most of which i feel good about…each one has its own delicate dance…ebbs and flows…i think about my achievements and perhaps how those achievements aren’t quite as grand as they sounded or were projected to be when I was 24 out of music school….25 odd years ago in Boston…it seems as though I have at least satisfactorily achieved the life goals and perhaps certain, portions or definitions, of some of the music / career goals…whatever I have achieved, I am amply aware of the support and love I have used from my best friend and wife of over 26 years, none of this would have been here without her…not to say another path would not have certainly occurred if we hadn’t met, but this has been mine, and for that I am alive and thankful…I suppose I take solace simply in the work…this is a lesson I learned from my uncle…to be creative always, never stop…regardless…there’s no reason to…a legacy or body of work is all we really have…

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