C o v i d dealings

This will be as as scattered as my mind has been since march….6 months, 2 gigs…too much alcohol, lots of walking and planks….lots of cooking and lots of hoagies….lots of music, making and listening….family has dealt fairly well….anita and i have been fine….i am thankful she is hear on many levels, I always have been and hopefully always will be….we’re both not easy to deal with at times, but we know love is the deal.

I’ve made 2 cd’s, “The Nailbiter” https://dandechellis.com/album/1650662/the-nailbiter and “Distant Conversations” with Tom Bagshaw. I’ve also done some session work.

On a nearly daily basis I recorded a solo piano improvisation first thing in the morning….eventually began titling them….it’s for me and my immense need to produce….make stuff, be creative, stay focused, justify my own existence as a musician and right to call myself that and mean it….or perhaps its just the work-ethic instilled by my father and the permission to be creative given to me by my uncle Cliff. I’ve thought a lot about them during this. ….We all dealt with the loss of JD, that was hard, but just for him. He wanted to go, it was a tough few years.

I am not sure what the future hold in regards to gigging or resuming life as it was….if ever….perhaps for the better

I got a new keyboard!!! very very happy!

Teaching by laptop sucks, but makes things possible in many ways…..i am sorta liking it when it works technologically….if it sucks, it really sucks…..students are all pretty good at this point….

Improv Ensemble ….good for me and them on many levels….

“It is, what it is”

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